In an era where security concerns are paramount, having reliable surveillance systems in place is non-negotiable. Whether it’s safeguarding your home, business, or community, the right CCTV setup can provide peace of mind and deter unwanted incidents. Enter CCTV N TECH SHOP, your one-stop destination for wholesale CCTV solutions that prioritize quality, innovation, and affordability.

At CCTV N TECH SHOP, we understand the diverse needs of our customers. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of products designed to cater to various surveillance requirements. From solar-powered CCTV systems to cutting-edge 4G and Wi-Fi cameras, we have everything you need to enhance security effectively.

One of our flagship offerings is the renowned Hikvision cameras. Renowned for their reliability, clarity, and advanced features, Hikvision cameras are trusted by millions worldwide. Whether you’re looking for bullet cameras, dome cameras, or PTZ cameras, we have an extensive selection to choose from.

But our offerings don’t stop there. We also provide essential accessories like HDDs, SMPS, BNC, and DC connectors to ensure seamless installation and operation of your CCTV systems. With these high-quality components, you can trust that your surveillance setup will perform optimally, delivering clear and uninterrupted footage when you need it most.

What sets CCTV N TECH SHOP apart is our commitment to affordability without compromising on quality. We believe that everyone deserves access to reliable security solutions, which is why we offer competitive wholesale prices on all our products. Whether you’re a small business owner, a security professional, or a homeowner looking to upgrade your surveillance, we have budget-friendly options to suit your needs.

Let’s talk numbers. Our 2MP cameras start from just ₹850 for bullet cameras, ₹950 for TruView cameras, and ₹1200 for robotic cameras. With these unbeatable prices, protecting your property has never been more accessible.

Here’s a glimpse of our product offerings with their respective prices:

ProductSub Price (5% Discount)Net Price (18% GST)
12V 2A Adaptor₹0₹0
15-inch Monitor CNT₹0₹0
2MP Audio Bullet DS-2CE16DOT-ITPFS₹871.5₹915.075
2MP Audio Dome DS-2CE76DOT-ITPFS
ProductSub Price (5% Discount)Net Price (18% GST)
12V 2A Adaptor₹0₹0
15-inch Monitor CNT₹0₹0
2MP Audio Bullet DS-2CE16DOT-ITPFS₹871.5₹915.075
2MP Audio Dome DS-2CE76DOT-ITPFS₹803.25₹843.4125
2MP Bullet Eco DS-2CE1ADOT-ITP\ECO₹935.319₹982.08495
2MP Colour VU Audio DS-2CE10DFOT-PF Bullet₹1432.2₹1503.81
2MP Dome Eco DS-5ADOT-IRP/ECO₹714₹749.7
3+1 Cable Copper Cable Casing Or Black Pipe₹0₹0
3K Bullet DS-2CE10KF0T-PFS₹2205₹2315.25
3K Dome DS-2CE70KF0T-PFS₹1874.25₹1967.9625
4CH DVR IDS-7104HQHI-M1/S Acusence₹0₹0
4CH SMPS DLX Model₹288.75₹303.1875
4G SIM EZVIZ 3MP₹0₹2728
4MP SOLAR PT Secureye₹0₹4750
4U Rack₹0₹0
5MP Cameras Audio DS-2CE16HOT-ITPFS (5MP Bullet)₹1437.114₹1508.9697
5MP Dome Audio DS-2CE76HOT-ITPFS₹1048.9185
5MP Dome DS-2C16HOT-ITPES₹1047.48₹1099.854
8CH IDS-7108HQHI-M1/S Acusence₹4337.55₹4554.4275
8CH SMPS DLX Model₹0₹0
BNC &DC Connectors with PVC Box₹0₹0
C6C 4MP 4K₹2415₹2535.75
C6n WiFi Cameras₹1443.75₹1515.9375
C8C 2MP EZVIZ₹2730₹2866.5
Cat 6 Cable with Fixing Pipe and Casing₹0₹0
CCTV Wall Mount Bracket₹0₹0
Consistent 500GB HDD₹0₹591.07
DS-2CE5ADOT-ITP/ECO 2MP Dome₹713.37₹749.0385
DS-2CE70DFOT-PF 2MP Colourvu Dome AUDIO₹1443.2775₹1515.441375
DS-7104HGHI-K1 2MP ECO DVR₹2002₹2202.2
DS-7108HGHI-K1 2MP ECO DVR₹2915₹3206.5
ERD Adapter 12V 2Amp₹209₹229.9
EZVIZ H8C- 4G₹3021.26₹3323.386
Fiber CCTV UPS₹2475₹2722.5
Geinix 17in LED Monitor₹1732.5₹1905.75
Geonix 19.5 Inc Monitor LED₹2117.5₹2329.25
Geonix 22in Monitor₹2805₹3085.5
GEONIX 3TB HDD₹3520₹3872
Geonix CPU Fan₹132₹145.2
GEONIX HDD 2TB₹3300₹3630
Geonix Keyboard Wired₹165₹181.5
Geonix Monitor 15in₹1622.5₹1784.75
Geonix Mouse Wired₹60.5₹66.55
Geonix Router 5G₹1430₹1573
Geonix USB WiFi Adapter₹132₹145.2
Godrej Ace Pro 4G₹0₹0
Godrej 4G Solar₹0₹0
HDD 1TB SATA Krysta₹2117.5₹2329.25
HDD 2TB SATA Krystaa₹2117.5₹2329.25
HDD 3TB Constant₹4693.337₹5162.6707
HDD 3TB SATA Krystaa₹3630₹3993
HDD 4TB SATA Geonix₹5830₹6413
HIK SEMI 128GB SD Card₹699.149₹769.0639
IDS-7204HQHI-M1/FA 4MP METAL DVR₹3520₹3872
IDS-7204-HUHI-M1/FA 8MP DVR₹4504.5₹4954.95
IDS-7208HQHI-M1/FA 8MP DVR₹5402.023₹5942.2253
Impact AHD Colour Bullet 2MP₹0₹0
Installation & Labour Charges₹0₹0