what difference between Indoor dome camera and the outdoor bullet camera to install For home, office, apartments, restaurant

Bullet camera

When it comes to protecting a home or business, a security camera is a must-have and can give you an added peace of mind. There are numerous varieties of security cameras available in the market, but a popular version is the bullet camera. By seeing one can give you an immediate idea of how this camera got its name. An excellent choice for homeowners these days, a bullet camera is a bullet-shaped cylindrical camera that is easy to mount and install. They are relatively small cameras used for indoor or outdoor building security. Bullet cameras are normally weatherproof and feature vandal-proof housings. Bangalore India, buyers looking for bullet cameras can find the right choice to suit their security needs.

Dome camera

Want to protect your home and business? Buy dome security cameras, they’re the best to provide inconspicuous protection. Dome security cameras can rotate and thus, cover a wide surveillance area. They include tinted plastic or glass coverings that prevent onlookers from knowing which way the camera inside is pointing at any time. Dome camera styles include indoor, outdoor, Internet Protocol (IP), Infrared, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ), and vandal proof. Unlike bulky security cameras, this camera’s sleek appearance and small size allow it to blend better with the surroundings. The cameras also come in different colours for the most effective blending. There are some large domes include several hidden cameras that allow them to cover 360-degree viewing. provides easy search options to find the right dome surveillance camera for you from the best brands like OPTIVISION, Hikvision, Secure-U, Zicom, CP Plus, Accu-Vision and more at reasonable prices.2



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