Can Surveillance Cameras See at Night

When selecting surveillance cameras, one of the most important factors that businesses have to consider is the lighting condition. Most CCTV cameras are designed to operate in normal lighting conditions, but there are cameras that are capable of seeing at night. Businesses that wish to capture surveillance video either, at night or in low lighting environments, have to ensure that they select the right security cameras.

How to Select the Best Nighttime Surveillance Cameras

There are two important factors that you have to consider when choosing CCTV cameras with night vision capabilities, namely, lighting, and the Lux number.


Security cameras need some form of lighting in order to capture images. During the day,

camera have inbuilt IR(infrared LED) lights for clear video recording in the dark area or in the night condition,
so its called also night vision camera.

now a days so many cameras are gives clear color picture in night condition.

have inbuilt sensor which sense the luxlevel of light and trigger the IR Led when lights goes down towards 0 lux or in night condition

Light Level

One of the features of CCTV cameras is the Lux number, which is normally indicated on the camera or as a technical spec on the owner’s manual. The Lux number represents the level of lighting at which a camera is able to give the best image. When choosing nighttime surveillance cameras, you should go for the ones with lower Lux numbers since they are capable of giving better image quality under low lighting.

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