how to take CCTV Camera footage in hik vision iVMS 4200 & Mobile, Laptop, Tablet

Hikvision Embedded OS DVR / NVR Software which includes powerful functions make it popular in
local & remote surveillance of supermarkets, stores, districts and residential places, etc.



CCTV or security cameras are not just to deter crimes and prevent thefts from coming in to your shop or home. They can also be used to record footages that can be reviewed and download any time. With this concept, it is easy for us to control our security cameras by accessing those using iVMS 4200.

IVMS 4200 is video management software used to access your Network Video and Digital Video Recorder, IP cameras and many more. It has multiple functions that you can access like remote playback, live view, recording and many more.

A drive off case issue has come up in your shop. You need to see what really happened during that time and it is very important for you the details of the car and many more. Well, this can never be a problem to you since your security camera recorded all the events plus you can playback it over the ivms4200.

Once you opened already on the ivms4200 platform, you need to click on remote playback. Then you need to click on your IP camera/s or whatever IP camera you want to view. Drag it over to the 1st video box. You can right click on the video box and click on download button. For now, the download is already finished. Locate then the download video over the Ivms folder on drive C in your computer.

You can choose the time, date, and tags as your way to download footages. Setting the date and time will let you download the specific events of the day and the tags are just some presets of recordings that is located on the right side of the video box.

View Past Camera Recordings – Hikvision

Here is how you view past recordings using the Hikvision iVMS-4500 iOS app:

STEP 1: Press the Menu button (the white circle with three horizontal lines in it) to open the Menu. Select “Remote Playback”:

STEP 2A: Select the first camera window to tell the app what camera you want to view past recordings of :

STEP 2B: Tell the app what date and time you want to START viewing (“From”):

STEP 2C: Tell the app what date and time you want to STOP viewing (“To”):

STEP 3: Tap the “To” date and time to close the previous window, and the recording should start. TURN YOUR PHONE HORIZONTAL to view the recording better. You will see a BLUE bar across the top of the screen, this is the timeline. You can scrub left and right along the timeline to view different parts of the recording:

STEP 4A (optional): If you want to save a recording to a video file to send to the Police, or for your records, go to the point on the timeline where you want to start saving and press the CLIP button (looks like a pair of scissors):

STEP 4B: When you’ve reached the end of the recording you want to save, press the CLIP button again. This will stop saving the clip. Press the Menu button and select “Picture & Video” to view the video you saved:

STEP 4C: From the “Pictures & Video” section you can access Pictures and Video you have saved:

STEP 4D: To send yourself a copy of the video, wait until the video has stopped playing, press the Share button, and then the Email button:




Reviewing videos of your security camera is also an important key to secure your business. You really need to check on the events to see whether there are some helpful videos needed in an investigation. In order for you to have the full control over your security cameras, you must explore iVMS 4200.

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