1.The DVR price which is  mentioned in the pricing section, is this inclusive of the hard disk?

No.None of the DVR models include a hard disk in their packaging.The hard disk of suitable capacity has to be purchased as per the requirements.


2. Apart from DVR and  cameras what other  accessories required?

a      Power supply for cameras

b      BNC connectors and DC Pin

c      Hard disk and Monitor


3. If I want a camera that can record video even at night, what type of cameras should I choose?

If the application is indoor, you could go with IR Dome cameras, for outdoor IR bullet cameras would be a better option. Some times even for indoor application such as factories (high ceiling)  IR bullet cameras  are suggested.


4. Why I need to buy DVR (Digital video recorder)?

Analog cameras only capture the image.To record the video stream for playback and post analysis, the device called DVR( which will accommodate SATA hard disk) is required.

If that is the case, what should i opt for If I don’t want recording ?

In that case, no need to buy a DVR.But you may require a  switcher to connect more than one camera. Switcher helps you display the live stream on your Television or a display  like a slideshow.(like a slideshow does not give a clear picture of what the switcher does. a little more elaboration is required)


5. I am planning to buy only one camera  ,I do not want to buy a DVR which is expensive for the purpose of recording from only one camera. What should i do?

True. In that scenario you could choose IP cube indoor camera with micro SD(32GB) which will be costlier than analogue camera. Yet overall it would be the cost effective solution.And more over IP cameras can be connected to PC or laptop for live viewing and recording.


6.   I have seen the video quality of analogue cameras ,I am not at all happy with the sharpness?

Yes. Maximum pixel deliverable by an analogue camera is 0.4 mega pixel. (with 4CIF recording). From these pixel you can have overall surveillance, but not in detail.If you require better quality in terms of clarity, IP cameras would be the only choice.Where you can get upto 5MP.





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